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Reducing Employee Turnover at a Cleaning Company

Employee turnover has seemingly forever been a pain point for the janitorial industry, especially during a very strong economy. During a strong economy the average employee has more job choices than usual.

We live in an era in which employees feel as though the way to get ahead is by jumping from opportunity to opportunity. Gone are the days when employees feel that long term loyalty to a single company will provide them enough income to one day retire.

decreasing turnover at my cleaning companyLosing employees hurts in the short term. You’ll be scrambling to fill the previous cleaner’s now vacant spot. Without cleaners, you can’t uphold the promises you made to your clients who rely on your service as a key component to their business.

In the long term it hurts because your cleaning company won’t establish a culture or identity if turn over is a constant.

One day its this employee, the next week its a different employee.

At Purple Sun Insurance Services LLC in Roseville, CA we’ve learned clients really appreciate a smooth predictable customer experience.

With all that said, here are three tips to prevent turnover and all the negatives it brings to your business.

1.) Allow your workers to grow

Employees are there to earn a paycheck, but also to experience growth in their career. Can you blame them? You’re a small business owner. If anyone should embrace this, its you. Nearly ⅓ of employees say that their employer does not provide enough opportunity to grow. Your company should have a culture that encourages their personal and career development.

2.) Make working less mundane

Employees get bored and start to experience the grass is greener syndrome. Make working for your company fun and exciting if you can. This type of approach goes a long way. Remember, if your employee anticipates that they would have a more exciting job at another cleaning company, that’s when they start sending our applications.

3.) Care about your employees

Really though, care about your employees. Many employees are more motivated by feeling appreciated than receiving a paycheck. Thank them for their work. Tell them that without them, you wouldn’t be able to grow your business. Say it because you mean it. Say it because its true. Say it because you know that showing gratitude is an excellent way to receive more of the universe’s pleasantries.

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What Type of Insurance Do I Need For a Cleaning Company?

Comprehensive insurance coverage for a cleaning company is unique.  Why? Nearly 100% of the job is spent working on other people’s property.

Your employee can damage property that belongs to someone else, or another business.

For instance, a computer can be damaged during the cleaning process.  Now you may say to yourself, computers are cheap, that desktop is probably only worth a few hundred dollars.  And you’d be right. But the data recovery, or worse yet, loss of sensitive data can be very costly.

Cleaning industry insuranceBecause your employees have access to your customer’s equipment, theft, and dishonest practices are always possible.  If an employee is held responsible for a crime, you could be held responsible for the loss.

But, the good news is, we’ve got your back at Inspire Insurance Services in Roseville.  We also can write bonding insurance which acts as a way to fill in the gaps where other insurance may leave off, covering replacements of electronics, or other high-value items that get destroyed or go missing.

Naturally, you and or your employees are driving vehicles from job to job, and as such you need an auto policy that will cover you in the event of an accident that takes place while using the car for business usage.

Many times when we examine policies written by other agencies, we discover there is, in fact, no business usage coverage on the policy.

In this blog post we’ve outlined some, but not all of the exposures that are unique to the janitorial industry.  If you took nothing else from this post, remember that because there’s such a wide variety of losses that can occur in your line of work, it is crucial that you have your broker or agent evaluate your policies from top to bottom to ensure there are no gaps.

We frequently repeat these words to our clients:

“Your insurance policy is only as good as the person who wrote it.  Many brokers or agents will leave gaps in coverage because of a lack of knowledge, or they have cut corners to bring the premium down and increase their chances of closing the deal.  The cheapest policy today could be the most expensive policy tomorrow.”

If you don’t love your current broker or agent, call us.  Heck, even if you do love your current broker, we’re still happy to evaluate your insurance to make sure you’re in a good spot.  At Inspire Insurance Services LLC in Roseville, CA – we are true experts when it comes to cleaning company insurance.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

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