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How to Pick an Insurance Broker

In this blog post we will discuss why our agency is different, and what to look for when forming a relationship with an independent insurance broker.

About us: We do not cut corners.  We do not skimp on coverage.  We are in the business of providing financial guarantees.  Nobody wins when an insurance agency creates financial uncertainty in order to save the customer a few bucks.

At Purple Sun Insurance Services in Roseville, CA we give fundamentally sound advice.  We also build strong relationships built on trust and accountability. A good insurance broker should remove the need for you to think about insurance at all.  They take care of all the work!

When you find a good one, an independent insurance broker should be treated as a trusted advisor because that’s what they are.  Because an independent broker doesn’t work for an insurance company, they act on your behalf and make insurance carriers compete for your dollars.


That brings us to our next point.  Its best to align yourself with a broker that has a diverse pool of carriers to choose from in both commercial and personal lines.  This ensures that you will be offered a variety of coverage options. Remember insurance is not a one size fits all industry. Each situation is unique and only a broker with strong carrier alignment can serve your unique needs.

Consider that there’s more to an insurance broker than price alone.  At Purple Sun Insurance Services we do not charge fees for our work. But some brokers do.  That’s in part because of how time consuming it is for brokers to thoroughly evaluate and shop your insurance.  Brokers often times put in 10+ hours on a commercial account and many times the consumer decides to go another route.  That’s okay, its a part of the business.


Your insurance broker should be easy to access.  In the modern era you can contact your broker by text, email, or phone call.  While us brokers don’t work 24 hours a day, a good broker should be responsive to all your requests.

A good insurance broker will do a complete job, the very first time.  What this means is paperwork and answering questions that some people may deem to be unnecessary.  Without a comprehensive understanding of your situation, a broker can not give their best advice. Find a broker that doesn’t want to rush through the process and you’ll be protected much better than someone who does business with an agent who does an incomplete job.

This is a big one here so take notice of this next paragraph.  Find an insurance agent who provides you with a policy that is set up to protect you, not sell you.  We see this so often in the industry: insurance policies that are written to sell and not protect. Corners are cut, coverage amounts are decreased, deductibles are raises.  All these tricks in an effort to make the premium lower so that you sign on the dotted line.

If you aren’t in love with your current broker, if you haven’t heard from your broker in a long time, or if you’re simply looking to ask a question…  give us a ring!  916-750-2489



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